Arthavaan Vol 6 Dec 2023 is available in print also

Publication policy

This policy sets forth the criteria for selection, evaluation, and publication of papers in Arthavaan. We have following publication policy:

  • The Arthavaan Journal is primarily research-oriented and may also include other comprehensive technical information.
  • Accepted manuscript should not be previously published, not submitted for consideration elsewhere while in the review or publication process.
  • All manuscripts should be submitted as per the guidelines prescribed for the author/s.
  • Manuscripts submitted for publication in Journal will be sent for double-blind review process.
  • Copyrights for articles are retained by the authors, with first publication rights granted to the journal/publisher. Authors have rights to reuse, republish, archive, and distribute their own articles after publication. The journal/publisher is not responsible for subsequent uses of the work.
  • No publication fee has been charged so far for either submission or publication in Arthavaan. In future it is proposed to chrge on the basis of minimum cost involved.

Copyright Policy

  • Arthavaan acknowledges and agrees that the Author(s) retain(s) the copyright to the work submitted for publication, and is/are allowed to:
  • Revise, reproduce, distribute, publicly perform, and publicly display the Chapter/Article
  • Republish the Work, as long as Arthavaan is cited as the source of first publication of the Work
  • Authorize others to make any use of the Chapter/Article
  • Publish the Work, in whole or in part, by various means such as hard copy or electronic copy formats, and in any and all forms

By accepting the Copyright Agreement the corresponding Author:

  • Warrants that he/she is the Author and has the power and authority to make and execute this assignment.
  • Affirms that, for jointly authored Chapters/Articles, he/she is empowered to accept this form on behalf of all authors. Warrants that the Chapter/Article is original, has not previously been published and is not currently under consideration for