Arthavaan Vol 6 Dec 2023 is available in print also

Arthavaan, Vol 6, Issue 1, December 2023

India and UK: Impact of Growth-Trade Relationship

Dr Archana Agarwal, Associate Professor, Sri Aurobindo College (Evening) University of Delhi


India and UK are on the cusp of finalizing an India- UK FTA. This would strengthen a new dimension to their relationship especially after Brexit. The successful conclusion of the India-UK FTA is as much an economic gain as it is a political gain. The current Hindu UK Prime Minister, Mr. Rishi Sunak, having Indian origins, is under pressure to inject a new life- line to the flailing British economy. India, on the other hand, with its newfound confidence is being recognized internationally as the only promising democratic Asian country to counter an aggressive China. In the foreign policy calculus, an FTA would bring not just economic advantages to both India and UK but also have a crucial influence on the changing geo-political dynamics of the world. This paper examines the qualitative and quantitative aspect of India-UK relationship to understand the importance of strengthening political relations between the two countries and also analyze the impact of Growth-Trade relationship and how it impacts India economically.


India-UK, FTA, Growth-Trade Relationship, Political Relations, Economic Impact


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